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COVID-19 and Your Insurance

COVID-19 and Your Insurance

In response to the Covid 19 may of our clients have chosen to either suspend operations or have staff work from home leaving their buildings and offices vacant.
We applaud those efforts to keep your staff safe and are writing to inform you of the insurance exclusions regarding vacant property.

All insurance companies have a vacancy clause that is generally 15 or 30 days.
This vacancy clause generally reads similar to;

Excluded Property
This form does not insure loss of or damage to:
property at locations which, to the knowledge of the Insured, are vacant, unoccupied or shut down for more
than 30 consecutive days;

What Insight Insurance is Doing
We have asked our underwriters what their respective insurance companies are planning to do in light of the current medical emergency. Not surprising we have not received a formal response yet as companies are still working through their own hurdles including having staff work remotely etc.
Once we hear we will let all clients know their decisions and recommendations.

What You Can Do
In the meantime we suggest the following industry accepted risk management actions:
Check on buildings/locations every 48 hours.
When checking on the location please ensure that yourself or the staff member enters the location for inspection.
Keep a written log of when the location was checked including time, date, name, and signature.
If possible turn off the water to the location. Do not turn off water if it is used for heating or required for fire sprinklers.

We hope this message finds you healthy and safe. If you have concerns please email or call us to discuss.

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